How to Keep Your Diamond Jewellery Bright & Shiny

If you spent a packet on beautiful diamond jewellery you want to make sure it stays looking bright and shiny all the time. Here are some ways to help make sure it looks showroom perfect as much as possible.

Minimise soap scum

Soap scum can easily build up on jewellery, especially hand which are often cleaned throughout the day. It's easiest to remove jewellery before you wash if possible and use gloves when doing the dishes or other cleaning job. Soap scum can be removed with a light solution of vinegar or a paste of baking soda.

Often denture tablets can be useful to help clean jewellery as the bubbling action can dislodge dirt and buildup from within the structure, which can be hard to reach from the outside.

Remove oils and grease

Even if you don't place your jewellery in greasy environments your jewellery will often get a buildup of oils from the skin, dead skin cells and grease from lotions and skin creams. You can remove this by scrubbing with an old toothbrush and some cleaning solution. If you have an intricate structure behind the stone, you might need to use a small toothpick or pin to remove some of the dirt manually before you clean the lighter dirt that impedes the light coming through the stone.

Remove any sticky adhesives

If you have been gluing items (for example scrapbooking) or playing with sticky school or craft supplies it's also possible to get a build of adhesive on stones, especially on bracelets or rings. In addition to making the stone appear smoky it can also attract dirt and lint to give a more appearance to the stone. The easiest way to remove adhesives and waxes from a stone is using rubbing alcohol, which breaks down the adhesive bond. If you don't have rubbing alcohol then high alcohol spirits such as gin or vodka can also work, as can water-free hand santiser.

If these home solutions do not work in cleaning up your jewellery you can take your pieces into a jeweller to be professionally cleaned. Many jewelers offer annual cleaning as part of the package when they sell you jewellery so it can remain as impressively sparkly as the day you first put it on. Jeweller such as Matusik Jewellers can double check the ring at the same time make sure the stones are all fully set and not likely to come loose.