A Few Key Features to Include With a New Point of Sale System

A point of sale or POS system is very important for any business, but more so than just for the customers and their convenience. Your POS system can and should be tied into your inventory and accounting systems so that you don't need to manually figure your books or use a variety of different systems for jobs the POS system should handle. If you're looking to upgrade your company's POS system, note a few features you should ensure it includes.

Sales reporting

Your POS system should have a simple means for seeing sales reports. This should include being able to see a variety of information on sales, returns, and inventory with just a few simple commands. You can then see what's selling, what's been returned, and if certain inventory needs quick replenishing without having to check receipts or even take a physical inventory of your business.

Employee tracking

Your POS system can work as a time clock, so employees can check in with the POS system when they start their shift. This eliminates the cost of a separate time clock or time tracking system. A POS system can also create schedules and shifts so everything is contained in one system and there is no need for a second calendaring system for your business. 

A POS system can also check on an employee's sales, which may be a good choice for virtually any type of store that may involve impulse buys at the counter. If you see that employee A has customers who purchase more items sold at the register than employee B, employee B may need some coaching on how to encourage customers toward those impulse buys. Your POS system should then be able to easily denote which employee was involved in which sales so you can track their performances accordingly.

Tip calculator

If you have any type of business that involves tipping, such as a hair salon, spa, restaurant, or other such service-oriented business, you may want a tip calculator at your POS system. Customers may struggle to figure out the right amount for a tip so your employees are not tipped enough, or customers may overlook this and forego tipping them altogether. With a few suggested tip amounts right in front of them and the ability to simply touch a button and have it added to their overall cost, you can ensure your employees are always tipped properly.