For Your Eyes Only: Three First-Time Ideas for Dipping Your Toe into Sex Toys

There's no doubt about it—sex toys are on the rise.  While adult bedroom accessories have been part of the global conversation for decades, it has taken a long time for them to become more than just a sit-com punchline.  Now that they've graduated to greater acceptability, more and more people are looking to learn about what options they have for spicing up their relationships.  The good news is that it's an incredibly broad market, with items to suit every taste and every level of interest.  Unfortunately, this can mean that some shoppers are put off or intimidated by such a wealth of choices.  If that describes you or your partner, then don't fret.  Here are a couple of ideas for places to start.

Vibrators & Personal Massagers

For many people, these are synonymous with 'adult toys', and perhaps with good reason.  These devices come in a range of sizes, shapes and strengths to suit many different users, and can work for people of all genders.  If you're just starting out, one option is simply to pick something that appeals to you visually.  Just note whether the device is more suited to solo or couple use to be sure that it suits your needs.  You may also wish to choose a battery-powered toy; these tend to be cheaper and have weaker vibrations, ensuring that you can start off slowly and without a big monetary commitment.

Light Bondage

With the rise of various books and movies on the theme of BDSM, many people are interested in exploring bondage.  There are many complex systems available to those interested, but these tend to be both expensive and complicated.  As a new user, therefore, it's best to start simple—handcuffs, blindfolds, silk ties and nipple clamps are all viable options.  With regards to the latter, choose something simple and user-friendly such as a magnetic nipple clamp.  That way, it's very easy to make adjustments for your comfort if necessary.  This may not be the case with a more complicated or intricate item, which may be reliant on fiddly closures.

Specialist Lubricants and Enhancers

While they may not be as fancy as some other items on offer, these accessories are both affordable and a fun way of introducing new elements to your relationship.  They're also very unintimidating, so they're a good and natural place to start if you're unsure or embarrassed to explore any other options yet.  Try a tingling balm or an aphrodisiac-based massage bar, or upgrade to a high-quality silicon-based lubricant.  They may make the world of difference, and they may not—but they're likely to be cheap enough that it's worth a try, and certainly worth sparking up this conversation with your partner.

It is perfectly natural to be uncertain about adult toys.  With so many options available to you, however, there's almost certainly going to be a place that's perfect for you to start—and these three ideas should at least provide you with some inspiration.