3 Ways to Choose a Professional Microphone for Video Blogging

Livestreaming and video blogging are becoming a way that many people express themselves. It's a way to reach out to people with similar interests, form support groups, or share information. Having the right equipment for this type of endeavor is vital, and one of those pieces of equipment is a professional microphone. This is especially important if you plan on doing voice only video blogging or livestreams. Here are three ways to choose a professional microphone for your video blogging channel.

Stationary or Mobile

Deciding if you will be mobile or stationary is a step to narrowing down the right professional microphones for your video blogging. For example, if you do travel video blogging and livestreams then you will want a microphone that can be as mobile as possible. You need one that is small, easy to transport, and can work on multiple devices. If you are stationary and have a home office podcast room set-up, then a stationary model will be ideal.

Editing and Voice Software

If you will be using editing and voice software alongside your microphone, then you need to look for a model that connects with your software easily. Some professional microphones may connect to only specific editing software. Some may come with their own editing software. You will need to decide what software you will be using then move from that point to the microphones that work with that software. This becomes increasingly important if you will be handling podcasts or interviews that will need editing assistance at some point.

Multiple Voices

If you have a studio style set-up and plan on handling more than one voice at once, then you will need to consider that in your microphone choices. You will want a microphone that can handle multiple voices and pick up on softer tones without picking up on background noises. For example, you may have two people on your interview panel that have vastly different voice tone levels. Your microphone needs to be sensitive enough to pick up the softer voice without having the louder voice become too loud to the listeners.

These are only three ways to choose a professional microphone for video blogging. Once you narrow down your choices, contact your local professional audio and recording equipment dealer. They can help you with other options you may want to consider and determine the ideal professional microphones that may be best for your needs.